Freezing Corn on the Cob

10 ears of corn on the cob
2 tablespoons sugar

1. Shuck and remove the silks from the corn.

2. Pour ice into a large bowl then fill with very cold water; set aside on the counter near your stove.

3. Fill a large pot of water a little over half full.

4. Add in the sugar; bring to a full boil.

5. Add in as many cobs of corn that will fit into the pot without over crowding.

6. Bring the water up to a full boil again; cook the corn just until the cobs turn a darker yellow which will not take long (about 3 minutes) turning the cobs over in the water if necessary using long tongs to insure even cooking.

7. Just when the corn takes on a darker shade of yellow, using long tongs immediately plunge into the bowl of ice water and allow to sit until completely cooled.

8. Place the cobs onto a clean towel to drain slightly.

9. Dry the outside of each cob slightly with a clean towel.

10. Cut the corn off the cob or wrap each cob individually in a piece of foil.

11. Place the corn in a large ziploc bag, then freeze.


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